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In this blog, we are going to see what makes a portfolio website great, so if you are someone who is planning to have his/her portfolio website, here are some points I’ll like to suggest you keep in mind.

Snapshot of my Portfolio Website

Header Section

It is the section any visitor on your website will see upon landing. This has to be the eye-grabber, it needs to grab the attention of the visitor and make them view more of the website. This section should be beautifully designed, interactive and abstract.

  • For the design part, you can take inspiration from Dribbble or Behance. You can search for…

In this article we will start from scratch about PERN Stack, what is it, why is it, how is it and then we will build a simple PERN App and deploy it on heroku.

Pern stack: A web stack consisting of 4 awesome open-source libraries and frameworks, PostgreSQL, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS. You can build any full stack website with the help of these technologies together like a one we are going to build here today. Also it is worth mentioning here that PERN stack sounds similar to a more popular tech stack, the MERN stack, as they both share 3…


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